// Metal laje //

The Metal-laje is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of truss frames in Brazil.

We pioneered the launch of the lattice with 6 cm for massive panels and also were the first to manufacture machines for production of trusses in Brazil as well as in providing program for calculating structural slabs.

Our commitment is to the satisfaction of our customers and also to quality and safety, so we only work with products that meet the technical standards of Brazil.

We are 25 years in the market because we respect our customers, employees and suppliers.

Address: Rua dos Paulistas, 260 - Parque Industrial
Vargem Grande do Sul - São Paulo - Brasil
Telephone:(19)3641-9520 Fax:(19)3641-9528

// Steel //

Steel used to manufacture reinforced concrete structures. We serve orders tailored cut straight bars and coils of approximately 170 kg of Gerdau steel CA 60.

// Form //

Form used for the manufacture of lattice slabs. Made with steel plate 3 mm thick and 6 feet long.

// Machine //

Machine for production of truss frames:

// Mesh //

// Trellis //

// Contacte con nosotros //

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Rua dos Paulistas, 260 - Parque Industrial


(19)3641 - 9520


(19)3641 - 9528